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an innovative Central Wisconsin tree nursery with a goal to discover new methods for growing, shipping and planting trees that sustain the health and beauty of your landscape investment. Serving the entire state, ArborVantage provides weather-tolerant, thriving plants for larger metros like Madison, Milwaukee and the Fox Valley as well as areas in and around Wausau, Fond Du Lac, Oshkosh, Rhinelander, Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point, LaCrosse, Eau Claire and all points in between.

Professional landscapers and arborists from private companies and municipalities alike all know what makes great trees and shrubs thrive, and knowledgeable professionals choose ArborVantage.

The Disadvantaged Tree

Root Bound from Smooth-Sided Containers, Girdling Roots Cause Poor Water and Nutrient Uptake and Weak Development.

The ArborVantaged Tree

ArborVantage’s Rich Fibrous Root System and Robust Root Tips Establish Faster and Absorb Water and Nutrients More Effectively.

The Disadvantaged Tree

Standard Tree Planting Labor is
Significantly Greater and More Costly.

The ArborVantaged Tree

  1. Easier to Move and Plant
  2. No Power Equipment Needed
  3. Lightweight and Stackable, Reducing Shipping Cost


We have depended on ArborVantage for our tree care for years, and only in the last few years have we discovered the benefit of Arborvantage trees and shrubs. They employ a proven root management system that makes a huge difference in longevity and beauty.

For our budget, we have found it a huge benefit to NOT have to replace trees as often as before, and when compared to years past, our landscapes look better and remain healthy.


City Arborist, South Central Wisconsin

Landscape Contractor

We have had a pleasure working with Arbor Vantage LLC for the last 7 years. The quality and pricing of their Nursery stock is outstanding and keeps us coming back. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to help when we need it.


Roxanne Cather

Wolosek Landscaping


We have found Arborvantage trees to be the most reliable we have purchased. Having tried every nursery in a wide radius of our development projects, we feel we have now found the best source for healthy trees and plantings that will last for years, create an inviting entry into our properties and increase the visual value we want to achieve.



Developer, Central & Eastern Wisconsin